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Get Your Facilities in Top Shape with Our Maintenance and Construction Services
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Professional Maintenance & Construction Services

Professional Care for All Your Facilities

We understand that your facilities need the best care and maintenance possible. That’s why we offer professional facility maintenance services and construction services that will keep your facilities in top shape. We provide a wide range of services to make sure your facilities are running smoothly and efficiently.

Professional Maintenance Services

Our professional maintenance services include regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that your facilities are running smoothly. We specialize in preventative maintenance, as well as any necessary repairs. We use the latest technology and practices to make sure that your facilities are always up to date and in top condition.

Construction Services

If your facility needs to be remodeled, or if you’re looking to build a new one, our construction services can help. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create the perfect facility for you and your needs. We use the latest technology and materials to ensure that your facility is built to the highest standards.

Affordable Solutions for All Your Needs

We understand that you don’t want to break the bank when it comes to facility maintenance and construction services. That’s why we offer affordable solutions for all your needs. We strive to provide the best services at the most competitive prices, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the best value for your money.

We refer to facility maintenance and facility management as defined by FMLINK and wikipedia.

Our Services

nationwide facility maintenance services by paragon fms
large pothole that needs to be saw cut square, milled and hot asphalt patched in Saint Cloud florida
importance of concrete repair. cracked concrete sidewalk in a paved walking trail in a state park in florida
ada stencil and handicap parking spot painting and striping in Saint Cloud florida
damaged chainlink fence repair in Saint Cloud florida
commercial painting services in Saint Cloud florida and nationwide

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Frequently Asked

Facility maintenance is the process of increasing the utility of a building by regularly servicing capital assets, commercial appliances, and areas inside or around a building.

Capital assets include machinery, robotics, research equipment, and medical devices; commercial appliances include boilers and HVAC units; and areas include rooms, hallways, parking lots, and garages.

Equipment maintenance is often used interchangeably with industrial maintenance and property maintenance but there are key differences between each. Facility maintenance is applied to commercial buildings where no manufacturing is involved; industrial maintenance is applied to manufacturing plants, and property maintenance is applied to residential buildings.

The only maintenance application that is closely related to equipment maintenance is building maintenance.

1. Maintains Cleanliness

Cleanliness is a perennial requirement in commercial buildings. Maintaining a clean building plays an important role in keeping both workforce and customers healthy. A facilities service that provides deep-cleaning and disinfecting services not only reduces health risks but also gives customers the assurance that you’re taking the business of their health seriously. This is one way that a facility management service creates value for their direct clients as well as for the customers of their clients. 

2. Creates A Desirable Environment

Employing the services of a competent facilities management company ensures that you attain and maintain a high level of customer and employee satisfaction. When employees see that all they need and require for a workplace is provided, of course, they’ll appreciate that and endeavor to provide better services in return.

3. Preserves the Property Value

This next point is especially valuable in cases where the company itself owns the premises where they’re conducting business. We all know that a property’s value is directly affected by the conditions of the building and its facilities. A well-maintained building will fetch a greater resale price  when the time comes to sell it. 

4. Reduces Maintenance Cost and Liabilities

The adage that states, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure,” is especially true when it comes to maintaining the most important assets on your property.  A good facilities management company won’t just provide reactive repair service, but preventative maintenance as well. Preventative maintenance on critical systems like your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, electrical, and lighting systems greatly prolongs their life expectancies. Instead of managing tasks and timelines for preventative tasks like filter changes, duct cleaning, and checking for leaks, a good facilities maintenance company will manage these items for you. Ultimately, this frees up your time and money.

5. Professional Image

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression! Your building is the first thing your clients will see when they come for a meeting or visit, so its condition sets the expectation your clients have about you. One way to make sure that your clients have a positive first impression is to make sure that your office is clean, well-maintained, and presentable. 

While they may not be directly indicative of your company performance, dirty or dimly lit offices and premises, may give the impression that you’re not attentive to details

Getting the services of a third-party facilities manager is not only a wise choice but may prove to be a cost-efficient and practical choice as well. It offers a lot of advantages for a fraction of the cost of doing all the things on your own. 

At Paragon FMS, our services, software, and people are here to save you the time, hassle and headache associated with keeping your facility operating at optimal capacity. We take pride in the work we do and look forward to providing facility management services that keep you, your workers, and customers safe.

This is one of the industries toughest questions when you look from the outside in. However, the answer is simple. 

Reputable Facility Maintenance companies are park of supplier networks who vet the operational ability and financial stability of the business to reliably provide services. 

We at Paragon FMS, refer to this network as the B2B intranet. 

Paragon is part of this B2B intranet of buyers and suppliers where businesses provide and procure services with one another.

A reputable facility maintenance company should be well versed in the many aspects of property maintenance and management. They should have knowledgeable staff that are experienced in preventative, reactive, and planned maintenance processes, as well as excellent customer service skills. Here are the top 10 traits of a reputable facility maintenance company:

  1. Expertise: A reputable company should possess a comprehensive knowledge base of building systems, equipment repair and replacement processes, and current industry standards.
  2. Versatility: The staff should be able to handle multiple tasks such as painting and carpentry, electrical work, HVAC system repair and installation, plumbing repairs, roofing maintenance, landscaping services, janitorial services and more.
  3. Professionalism: The staff should possess a high level of professionalism that is demonstrated through their interactions with clients and the quality of their workmanship overall.
  4. Problem Solving Ability: A good facility maintenance company will have the skills necessary to identify problems quickly and develop creative solutions to resolve them effectively.
  5. Communication Skills: Good communication skills are absolutely essential for a successful working relationship between client and contractor; a reputable facility maintenance firm must have strong verbal or written communication capabilities to ensure that customer needs are being met properly each time they call on them.
  6. Attention to Detail: A professional facility maintenance company must pay attention to detail when providing service in order to ensure customer satisfaction; this means that no job should be completed until it meets all the requirements specified by the client.
  7. Adaptability: As technology advances so do the tools used by facility maintainers; a reputable firm will equip its staff with relevant training for new products or technologies whenever necessary so that they can continue to provide quality services even in changing times.
  8. Flexibility: Despite having processes in place for routine work orders or inspections, a good facility maintenance provider will be flexible when clients require changes or adjustments due to sudden events or other unforeseen circumstances that may arise from time to time throughout the year; this allows both parties involved to remain productive while adapting quickly to new situations successfully without disruption of services provided by either side’s team members or within the timeline allotted for completion of given tasks..
  9. Reliability: An important trait shared by all reputable companies is their reliability when it comes to performing any duties requested or promised upon agreement between parties; this includes responding promptly to customer inquiries as well as completing jobs on schedule timeframes agreed upon prior during contract negotiation periods between both sides involved in an exchange of services..
  10. Cost Efficiency: No one wants to overpay but at same time everyone wants quality service, which is why cost efficiency is one key factor customers tend look for before engaging any contractor’s services; setting reasonable prices that reflect value provided from their end while allowing them profit from their labor is essential for long term success within any business industry including property management & maintenance sectors..

When selecting a facility maintenance services provider, there are a few key areas to consider. First and foremost, it is important to find a company that has experience and expertise in delivering the specific services they offer. They should be able to demonstrate a solid track record of success in providing ongoing maintenance that meets your budget and timeframe. In addition, make sure you review their safety record. A reputable facility maintenance services provider should have strict safety protocols in place, as well as certified technicians who follow them. It’s also important to check for certifications from associations like the Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA) or the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). These organizations provide certification for companies that adhere to industry standards for quality and performance. Finally, don’t forget to review customer references before making your decision. Ask for both direct referrals from current customers as well as third-party reviews from independent sources such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). These can give you an accurate picture of how satisfied customers have been with the services provided by different facility maintenance providers.

When choosing a facility maintenance service, it is important to consider their qualifications, experience and the services they offer. It is also important to consider the budget and time constraints associated with any project. Here are some tips to help you choose the best facility maintenance service:

Do Your Research: Before engaging a facility maintenance services provider, it is important to do your due diligence. Look for companies that have relevant experience in this area and determine whether they are properly licensed, insured and bonded. Check online reviews from other clients as well as references from past projects.

Ask About Their Experience: Ask questions about the team’s qualifications and experience in facility maintenance services. Inquire about their approach to cleaning and preventive maintenance and how this helps maintain a healthy environment for your staff, visitors, customers or tenants. This will also provide insight into their professionalism level and capabilities

Know What Services They Offer: Ensure that a potential provider offers all the services that you need such as janitorial services, repair work, waste removal, painting or pest control etc.. Ask if they are able to customize their services according to your specific needs such as scheduling times of day or locations etc.. Find out if they offer emergency response services in case of incidents outside of regular hours or days of operation.

Consider Cost & Budget: Determine the cost versus benefit ratio when selecting an appropriate provider for your facility maintenance needs. Get quotes from different providers before making a decision on which one should be hired for the job so that you can compare options based on price as well as quality of service offered.

Look For Other Benefits: Some companies may offer additional benefits such as discounts on bulk orders or specialized training for staff members in-house that can help reduce costs over time by ensuring efficient use of resources both financial and human resources . Make sure to ask potential providers if these benefits are part of their offerings before making a final decision about who will be servicing your facility needs moving forward .

If you are not happy with the facility maintenance services you are receiving, there are a few steps you can take to improve the situation. First, it is important to communicate clearly with your facility maintenance provider to identify the areas that need improvement. You should be able to provide specific examples of issues you have encountered or potential improvements that could be implemented. Negotiating with your provider in a respectful and professional manner can help ensure that both parties’ needs are addressed.

In some cases, it may be necessary to switch facility maintenance providers if the current one is unable to meet your expectations. Before doing so, it is important to research and compare different companies, paying particular attention to customer reviews and their track record for providing quality service. Ask for quotes from several providers and get references from previous customers if possible. After selecting a new provider, make sure they understand your needs upfront and agree upon clear terms of service before signing a contract.

Finally, keep track of all service calls and maintenance records by filing reports on any issues or problems that come up. Maintaining records can be extremely helpful in resolving disputes or diagnosing recurring problems more quickly. Additionally, it may also be beneficial to establish an ongoing dialogue with your facility maintenance provider open communication will ensure that both parties understand each other’s expectations and maintain a positive relationship going forward.

Getting the most out of your facility maintenance services begins with understanding what services you need and how to make the most of them. First, it’s important to identify any potential risks at your facility, such as health and safety hazards or equipment malfunctions, that require prompt attention. This could include routine maintenance tasks such as changing air filters or replacing worn-out parts. It’s beneficial to document any known issues and create a schedule for when they should be addressed in order to ensure optimal performance.

Next, it’s important to create a comprehensive plan for ongoing maintenance that covers regular inspections and preventative measures. This can help you identify any potential problems before they become major issues and save you time and money in the long run. Establishing a regular cleaning regime can also help maintain good hygiene standards which can boost employee morale and improve productivity.

Finally, it is important to work with reliable and experienced contractors who understand your needs, have the necessary expertise, use quality materials, follow all safety guidelines and offer fair prices. Investing in professional services can reduce downtime due to repairs and will enable all staff members to do their job efficiently without interruption. With careful planning, tailored services and experienced contractors – you will be able to unlock the full potential of your facility’s maintenance service offerings!

Paragon FMS provides a comprehensive suite of facility maintenance solutions for businesses. Their products and services focus on meeting the maintenance needs of commercial, industrial, public sector, educational, and hospitality facilities. Paragon FMS ensures that the quality of your facility’s assets are maintained and that the highest levels of safety and efficiency are achieved.

Paragon FMS offers a wide range of services designed to keep your facility in top condition. From preventive maintenance to emergency repairs to asset management, their experts work to provide you with proactive solutions that help reduce downtime and improve efficiency. With predictive analytics, they can assess upcoming usage trends or identify potential problems before they happen. This allows them to take quick action when needed to ensure minimal disruption at your facility.

When it comes to asset management, Paragon FMS utilizes a comprehensive approach, combining asset tracking software and hardware with an experienced team of professionals who can help you manage your assets more efficiently. Their tools allow you to track the lifecycle of each asset – from procurement and installation through regular maintenance and eventual disposal or retirement – while providing real-time data on usage rates and cost savings over time. They also offer extensive reporting capabilities so you can easily identify cost savings opportunities or areas where improvement is needed.

Paragon FMS is committed to helping you meet all your facility maintenance needs in an effective manner. By providing comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for your business requirements, they allow you to maximize productivity with minimal disruption and expense – ensuring that your operations run at peak performance for years to come.

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