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Our massive transformative purpose is Service at Scale. Our company believes in an utopian future where there are solutions for just about every aspect of our lives. We believe that empowering the supply chain systems will one day change the way we transact with people and businesses.

❝ To thrive in a technology-driven world, you need a partner that specializes in the interconnectedness of supply chains, in all of its dimensions, across all facets of your business, and solutions that scale. ❞ Enzo Parilli, CTO Paragon FMS

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Enzo Parilli

Enzo Parilli

Muhammad Khalid

Muhammad Khalid

Jahrel Ubaldo

Jahrel Ubaldo

Melba Oril

Melba Oril

Our expertise include machine learning, artificial intelligence and information technology solutions


Our Expertise

Facility Services
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Information Technology
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Automation, Integration, RPA, Robotics
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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
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Business Intelligence & Data Science
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Data Science
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Predictive Modelling
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Natural Language Processing
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Data Mining, Data Processing & Data Management
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Cloud Solutions at Scale
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Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis, Big Data, Big Science
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Success Roadmap

As a service provider with a vision to disrupt supply chain, we are determined to provide instant service at scale, lower costs and decentralize supply chain by giving the power to the people that build America every day.

May 3rd 2018Paragon FMS Inc is born
August 2019Paragon passes 1st Million milestone
April 2020Pandemic broken supply chains
July 2021Paragon extends service offerings to include Information Technology

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Our vision to completely change the industry leads an uncontrollable search for innovation and we will not stop until we deliver global and interplanetary products and services.

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